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Community Education

Biodynamic Gardening

Biodynamic Gardening - Coming Soon

If you are a beginner gardener, you will have growing garden beds this year. If you are an experienced gardener, biodynamics will help to build and heal the land with the biodynamic preparations.
Family Finances

Family Financial Freedom - Coming Soon

Available Online or in Person
If you thought family finance was boring or stressful, then it's time for a paradigm shift! This class is designed to blow your mind, pump you up, and set you on an effective course to a brighter future!
How to Keep Your Marriage Awesome

How to Keep Your Marriage Awesome - Coming Soon

Available Online or in Person
In this exciting course, we will be exploring the principles and strategies that lead to effective communication as "the quality of your communication is the quality of your relationship." Marriage is one of the greatest opportunities in terms of human potential and it's best to keep it awesome!


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