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Emily Tipps

Emily Tipps

Housing Your Work: Creating a Custom Portfolio

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A well designed and executed enclosure elevates and honors its contents. Participants in this workshop begin by making a model clamshell box, learning and discussing techniques for measuring and cutting materials to adequately protect precious contents. Elaborating on this basic structure and with the guidance of the instructor, each participant will plan, design, and build a custom enclosure. Students are encouraged to bring materials from home that they wish to house—such as prints, photos, drawings, ephemera, or books—but as an alternative, have the option to build a housing without specific contents in mind. Throughout the class, we’ll discuss practical, aesthetic, and conceptual choices as they pertain to each person’s project.



Emily Tipps is Binding Instructor, Program Manager, and Assistant Librarian (Lecturer) at the Book Arts Program at the University of Utah, as well as the proprietor of High5 Press, which publishes innovative writing in the form of handmade artist's books. She holds a BA in English from Wesleyan University, an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Colorado, and an MFA in Book Arts from the University of Alabama. Emily's work is exhibited and held in collections nationally.