A Reasonable Accommodation Is

Any reasonable modification or adjustment that will allow a qualified student with a disability to access a program, service or activity or have the same rights and privileges as students without disabilities and to benefit from all educational programs and activities.

Makes it possible for a qualified student with a disability to have access to the educational program and for an instructor to more fairly evaluate the student's understanding of the material. Provides access to all services, but is not a guarantee for success.

A Reasonable Accommodation Is Not

An aid for the mastery of course content. Any accommodation that would cause undue hardship.

Auxiliary Aids May Include, But Are Not Limited To

Classroom Amplifiers, Interpreters, Note Takers, Readers, Audio Texts, Recorders

Accommodations May Include, But Are Not Limited To

Accommodated Examination Services, Campus Orientation, Counseling, Priority Registration, Registration Assistance, Service Referral Information, Tutor Referral

Services not Included Under the ADA

Bathing, Dressing, Personal Aides, Other Personal Care