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Snow Fit Monthly Challenges

January 2020

Anyone can register for PEHP Challenges.

December Workout Warrior Challenge   December Wellness Challenge

Participating with Snow College

Snow Fit will have a monthly drawing for each challenge for those that participate on the Snow College level. Please register through this link if you would like to participate at the Snow College level as well! At the end of the month, I will email you for your report! 

Do you need clarity, calm, or a greater capacity to work through life's ups and downs? Mindfulness is the act of being present in the moment. Practicing mindfulness each day may change your life!

Start 2020 off with 20 minutes of daily exercise! Just 20 minutes most days of the week can improve your mental and physical health.

Keep track of physical activity (see tools below). Report step total at the end of the month.

(Use these tools as well even if you are only participating at the Snow College level).
Track your steps/miles (PDF): To help you keep track of your steps/miles each month, download and print this calendar.
Step Conversion Chart 

This 8-part (January 6 - February 28) online class will help you achieve a healthy weight by giving you the knowledge and tools to get active and choose foods that will nourish and energize you. Register at

The Healthy Utah Test Kitchen is your one stop for healthy recipes and cooking tips! Recipes are approved by our Registered Dietitians, and will help you add variety to your diet and be creative in the kitchen. Check back often for new recipes from the Test Kitchen cooks and PEHP members like you! 

FitBit Orders

The next FitBit order will be in March 2020. 


Please contact: Christine Hanks at, x7376.