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  1. What happens to points I have earned in the past?
    • When the new program rolls out, all past points will no longer be valid.
  2. How much does it cost to participate?
    • Participation is technically free to employees and their spouses. However, negotiated discounted healthy lifestyle products and services i.e. gym membership in Richfield, or FitBit device purchase costs may apply.
  3. Can my spouse participate?
    • Spouses of all permanent FT/PT employees can participate.
  4. What if my FitBit stops working or becomes damaged?
    • FitBit will service your device and often-times replace it if there is a problem that cannot be resolved within one year of purchase. Go to and select 'live chat' to get your replacement processed.  (Contact Christine Hanks for replacement questions: x7376)
  5. How do I sign up for payroll deduction?
  6. Can part-time employees participate? What about their spouses?
    • All permanent PT employees are invited to participate. Their spouses are also invited.
  7. How does the program differ for Richfield vs. Ephraim employees?
    • Because Richfield does not have an activity center, special prices were negotiated at Lifetime Fitness and Impact Fitness gyms for Snow College employees participating in SnowFit.
    • Because Ephraim has an activity center, special rates were negotiated for Snow College employees that affect family rates for the AC.
  8.  Can I purchase my own FitBit and still participate?
    • Yes. Just be sure to give your information to SnowFit to participate in activities and win prizes.

Sign Up "Steps"

You may participate in any of the following ways to receive benefits. This program is entirely voluntary.

I.  Obtain a FitBit Device 

  • Purchase a FitBit device with the corporate discount through SnowFit. (If already have a FitBit device and do not wish to upgrade skip to step II.)
    • Complete the form HERE to purchase the fitbit device through the school as an employee or for a spouse/dependent of the employee.
    • Review the Fitbit website to decide on which Fitbit device you would like to purchase.
    • All devices must be paid in full at the Cashiers Office. Bring order form and receipts to Christine Hanks in HR.

II. Join the FitBit Community 

  • Set up a account.
  • Send your FitBit account email to Christine Hanks. (This email is used for replacements, challenges, and weekly communications.)

III. Accept assignment to a team for the current "Walk" competition 

  • Those who want to participate in the "Walk" will assemble their teams and report the names to Christine Hanks who will establish the online challenge.
  • Employees can also ask Christine for assistance in team formation.

IV. Join the Facebook Group 

  • Joining the Facebook community will give you the opportunity to support your fellow Snow College employees in their efforts to be more physically fit, share recipies, seek encouragement, and inspire each other.
  • Great articles, community events, and other resources will also be made available here.

V. Participation in SnowFit Events 

  • SnowFit promotes many community health expos, 5K events, and other fitness-related events and offers incentives for participation.

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Please contact: Christine Hanks at, x7363.