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Monthly Challenges

April 2019

Spring has sprung! April is a great month to focus on spring cleaning.….Spring cleaning can be so much more than deep cleaning the house! We all have different aspects of our lives that could use a ‘deep clean’, whether it be our eating habits, physical activity levels, attitude or an actual ‘deep cleaning’ of a physical space.

This month SnowFit is asking you to ask yourself what does spring cleaning mean to you? Do you need to make any changes in your life? How about an attitude adjustment? Think about what changes you need to make and set some personal goals for this month.

To help give you a little guidance the committee has put together three general goals to address mental, dietary and physical wellbeing:

  • Come up with three things to be grateful for each day
  • Spring clean your diet
  • Create a personal exercise program

Personalize each suggestion to fit into your life.

This month, keeping to your goals will get you 3 points a week towards our monthly goal of 12 points. If you miss one week, all is not lost. Just start again the next week to earn some points.

Email your points at the end of the month to


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Please contact: Christine Hanks at, x7376.