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International Student Information and Resources


Filing Tax Returns in the USA


International students going to school in the United States should file an IRS form 8843 whether you have to file a tax return or not.   Forms and tax returns typically must be filed before April 15 each year.  Snow College cannot provide you specific tax advice so you should carefully consider your own situation and determine what tax form to file.  The US taxing agency known as "IRS" provides information for Foreign Students and Scholars at: and a publication every year called Publication 519, U.S. Tax Guide for Aliens which can be found here: 

  • If an international student or scholar did not receive any source of income they need to file Form 8843.
  • If the international student or scholar did receive income in the last calendar year then they would need to file Form 8843 and most likely Form 1040NR-EZ
  • Dependents (including spouses and children of all ages) are also required to file Form 8843 if they were in the US during the previous calendar year.
  • Every individual, regardless of whether they are one family, will need to file their own Form 8843 and sent it to the appropriate address included on the tax form or tax form instructions in a separate envelope.
  • Sprintax is an online company that can help you file your taxes for a fee.
  • also has a helpful site.

Driver’s License Information for International Students

Students may apply for a driver’s license 10 days after arriving in the United States. Students with a current foreign driver’s license will need to bring the following information to the DMV:

  • Valid passport with visa
  • Form I-94
  • I-94’s can be printed from the I-94 website
  • Social Security Number (SSN) or Form SSA-L676: “Refusal to Process SSN Application”. This will require you to apply for a Social Security Number
  • Proof of Utah Residency (two of the following)
  • Bank Statements
  • Court Document
  • Rental contract
  • Major credit card bill
  • School transcript
  • Utility Bill (cell phone bills are not accepted)
  • Completion of a driver education course, or valid license from another country
  • Students without a current foreign driver’s license will first need to enroll in a driver’s training program. Denied applications may have incorrect information recorded in SEVIS. To correct this information, contact the Global Engagement Center. If a dependent of a student wishes to obtain a Utah Driver’s License, they will need to present the following to the DMV:
  • Primary and dependent’s most current I-94
  • Primary and dependent’s valid passport with visa
  • Proof of identity (photo ID)
  • Proof of relationship (Marriage certificate)
  • Primary and dependents most current stamped I-20/DS 2019
  • $18.00

If you have questions, please speak with anyone in the CGE for more information.