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Japan study abroad

Currently, Snow College has a reciprocal student exchange partnership with Otemon Gakuin University in Osaka, Japan. Students from Snow College may attend one semester in Japan and students from Otemon Gakuin University can attend Snow College.

Snow College has an exchange program with Otemon Gakuin University in Osaka, Japan.  Students from Snow College can choose fall semester (August-December) or spring semester (March-July) to attend the program which includes Japanese language classes as well as classes on Japanese culture.  For more information please contact the Center for Global Engagement. 

Snow College/Otemon Gakuin University Student Exchange

Costs, based on 2015-2016  estimated prices: 

  • Tuition:          $1,544
  • Fees:               $198
  • Living Exp:    $2,000 (approx.. $500/month)
  • Insurance:       $500 (only if not covered by parent)
  • Flight:             $1,500  (estimate)
  • Homestay:      $2,300 (estimate)
    • OR
  • Dorms:            $2,400 (estimate)

Total for bank statement: $8,042 (homestay) OR $8142 (dorms) 


What needs to happen before you go:

Passport—A current passport is required.

Physical—An examination by a US doctor is required—contact the Center for Global Engagement for the form and more information.

Forms—Snow College has the application the forms for Otemon Gakuin University exchange program.

International Insurance—Contact the CGE office for details.



Scholarship options for students to study abroad:

Gilman Scholarship

Freeman Scholarship

Boren Scholarship


For information and if interested in studying in Japan, please contact the CGE, email:

email address for this person