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Snow College Third Week Enrollment Report

The Utah System of Higher Education verified the official enrollment numbers for each public college and university today, and Snow College’s numbers reflect current trends in higher education. The unduplicated headcount enrollment of Snow College is 5,383 students, and the college is seeing an increase in concurrent enrollment students, under-represented students, minority students, and first-generation students. (Snow College Student Profile)

Snow College supports Utah’s 2020 Economic Development plan by serving a record high of 1,925 high school students who earn college credit while attending their high school (up 2% from the prior year). Instruction for these students reaches state-wide from college faculty using interactive video technology or face-to-face through approved high school instructors. Many of these high school students can enter the workforce with an employable credential or reduce their college attendance by one full semester.

The college also continues to be a leader in providing higher educational opportunities for underrepresented populations. Attendance from the college’s six-county rural service area represents 43% of total enrollment. In addition, Snow welcomes students from areas of Utah outside the Wasatch Front (up 3%). Many of these students come from households well below the state’s median per capita income. Snow College’s affordable tuition (the most economical in the state) and high-impact educational practices make college a viable option for these students.

Minority student enrollment increased significantly from the prior year (19%) with the largest growth mirroring the state’s increase in Hispanic students. An increase in first-generation students (up 6%) continues to position Snow College as the state’s leader in providing excellent college access and preparation to Utah’s population of potential students who often do not have the resources to be successful in college.

College President Bradley J. Cook said, “Snow College has so much to offer all students. We are committed to providing a high-quality education to students who need it, and we are creatively looking at ways to increase offerings and help even more students realize the benefits of completing a college degree. We will remain loyal to our past and embrace the future as we do all that we can to elevate others through enriched educational experiences.”

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About Snow College

Snow College, founded in 1888 by Utah pioneers, is a two-year college with campuses located in Ephraim and Richfield, Utah. Serving more than 5,000 students, the college has been nationally recognized for its student success rates, affordable cost-for-value, involvement opportunities, and exceptional teaching. Learn more about Snow College at