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Snow College Provides Tuition-Free, Short-Term Training

Students can choose from nine tuition-free programs to help them secure better employment

Learn and Work In Utah

In partnership with the Learn and Work in Utah initiative, Snow College is pleased to offer a selection of tuition-free, short-term training programs once again to Utahns looking to reskill or re-enter the job market. Participants can choose from a selection of programs, each designed to rapidly teach students the skills they need to either gain employment or move up in their current job.

Working with local industry, the school identified critical employment needs in the region and designed programs that would train participants to fill those needs. Students can choose from nine different programs: Composites, Emergency Medical Technician, Geographic Information Systems, Heavy Equipment Operation, Industrial Mechanics, Junior Coding, Meat Food Processing, Networking and Cybersecurity, and New Miner MSHA Certification Training.

One of the new programs, Heavy Equipment Operation, was created by Snow College instructor Ivan Starr. Students can earn multiple badges on a variety of heavy equipment used in construction. Through this program, in just a matter of weeks, students will be better prepared to safely operate heavy equipment. When asked who would benefit most from taking these classes, Starr said, “Anyone who would like to increase their skill set! Equipment operators are well-paid and earn a competitive living. Since these programs are funded through Utah’s Learn and Work program, we encourage those that want to return to work as well as those that want to improve their job skills to come and take advantage of the opportunity.”

Vice-President for Technical Education Stacee McIff is responsible for overseeing the creation and application of these programs on the Snow College campus. She commented, “Snow College has presented a diverse selection of programs suited for a variety of needs. Most of the programs began as innovative ideas by faculty which were quickly constructed into courses. The whole operation has shown that Snow College employees are nimble and ready to customize training for workforce needs. It has been rewarding to watch the students gain in-demand workplace skills as well as confidence in their future.”

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