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College Council

The College Council advises the president, coordinates the various systems and services on campus, discusses college governance, and approves policy.  The purpose of the College Council is information sharing, creative problem solving, and organization alignment to a shared mission and vision. 

The Council, based on the ideals of shared governance, is comprised of the president, the faculty senate president, the staff association president, and the student body president.  Each constituent group elects additional at-large members to serve on the College Council.  Members of the President’s Cabinet attend meetings to provide input and respond to inquiries but do not have voting authority.

College Council members are expected to submit agenda items and share meeting summaries with their respective groups. The group convenes six times a year, with current meetings being held on the second Mondays of odd-numbered months.  

Position Current Rep Term (if applicable)
College President Stacee McIff  
Faculty Senate President Sandy Cox Rotates every year
Four faculty members, selected by the faculty senate Sheryl Bodrero, Heidi Johnson, Jessica Jones, Chad Price Appointments are staggered, made by senate
Staff Association President Tracy Madsen Rotates every two years
Four staff members, selected by the staff association Nathan Beck, Kenley Steck, Jeff Sirrine, Paul Tew Appointments are staggered, made by association
The Student Body President Sarah Heywood Rotates every year
Two students, selected by the Student Body President  
  • Rotates every year
    • A student leader from Richfield
    • One at-large student

Updated: May 16, 2024 – Effective July 1, 2024

College Council Agenda/Minutes