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Strategic Planning and Program
Prioritization Task Force Membership

Marvin Dodge – Co-chair; Vice President Finance and Administrative Services
Melanie Jenkins – Co-chair; Associate Professor, English Department

Dr. David Allred, P., Associate Professor, English Department
Dr. Kari Arnoldsen, Chair, Mathematics Department
Cindy Avery, Student Success Advisor; Disability Services Coordinator, Richfield Campus
LaFaun Barnhurst, Associate Professor, Business
Michelle Brown, Director, Student Life and Leadership
Jon Cox, Assistant Professor History, Social Science Department
Sara Golding, Scholarship Coordinator, Budget Office
Dr. Beckie Hermansen, Director of Institutional Research
Jacob Dettinger, Budget Director
Karl Kovac, Controller
Danni Larsen, Instructor, Education and Family Studies Department
Terry Lund, Maintenance, Physical Facilities Department
Craig Mathie, Vice President for Student Success
Michael Medley, Dean, Division of Business and Applied Technologies
Dr. Steve Meredith, Director of Choral Activities and Chair, Music Department
Dr. Larry Smith, Professor of Physics and Mathematics, Physics Department
Brad Taggart, Assistant Professor of Art, Visual Arts Department
Natalie Visger, Head, Women’s Basketball Coach
Dr. Greg Wright, Assistant Professor, English Department