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Years Service

Congratulations to all our Years of Service Award recipients. We know that our Snow College employees are our greatest assets. Each of you is an important member of our community and your abilities and contributions will be an important part of our continued success. We truly couldn’t serve our students without each and every one of you!

Thirty Five Years

Marlin Mason
Marlin Mason

"It’s not only that Marlin has worked at Snow for 35 years that’s impressive, but his continued level of service and dedication to the people here that truly makes Marlin special. He’s always willing to help and step up when asked to do more. It’s obvious that he cares deeply about Snow College and we are all better off for his service. Thanks Marlin for all that you do and continue to do."

Thirty Years

Jack Dalene
Jack Dalene

"Jack Dalene is an excellent leader in the Office of Financial Aid and has a wealth of knowledge that is hard to beat. His employees value working with him, as he cultivates a good working environment, where they enjoy being. It isn’t easy to enjoy your job when you work with finances and paying for college. Jack cares about everyone as an individual, not just as an employee or co-worker.

"On a personal note, he is married to Barb, who makes the best treats, which is a bonus because he shares this yumminess with everyone in the office.

"Ultimately, Jack is so great to work with, as he always has a smile and a joke to make the day better!"

Joseph Papenfuss
Joseph Papenfuss

"Joseph has been the cornerstone of the biology department for the last three decades. During this time he has 'stretched' countless mind, challenged his students, and supported his colleagues. His insights, understanding, humor, and diligence to teaching and science will be missed when he retires at the end of Fall 2020."

Michael Seibt

"Professor Michael Seibt has been sharing his wealth of historical knowledge with Snow College students for 30 years. Professor Seibt has a passion for his field and for his students that is without parallel. He combines his encyclopedic understanding of the past with his own personal experiences. This method of teaching stays with his students long after they leave Snow College. For this reason, he is an one of the most exceptional story tellers in all of higher education. We thank Michael for all he has done and continues to do on behalf of Snow College students."

Michael Seibt
Kerry Hansen

"Dr. Kerry Hansen stands out as an educator for both the depth and breadth of his knowledge and his ability to impart this knowledge to students in the most effective ways possible. While many professors are trained in a single field, Dr. Hansen's interdisciplinary training and educational approach allows him to be a incomparable resource to his students. He, through his 30 years at Snow College, has always put his students and fellow faculty members first. His selflessness as a teacher, colleague, and department chair is unmatched. We thank Kerry for his many years of service and wish him all the best in his retirement."

Diane Ogden
Diane Ogden

"Diane Ogden cares deeply about students, and she has devoted thirty years to helping them in the classroom, in club activities, and in trips abroad. She helps them unlock the complexity of language, learn and value languages other than their native one, and see beyond their home region to the wider world. She is also an advocate for her colleagues and for the college. Thank you, Diane, for your years of service."

Twenty Five Years

Armando Frutos
Armando Frutos

"Armando really is one of kind! In 25 years at the college he has been one of the most complimented custodians and currently our dedicated locksmith. You will find Armando working early hours of the morning, and late calls at night for lock issues. He has a contagious smile and is always willing to help. He is honest, he makes sure to tell me I didn’t do my hair every time I wear a hat to work, and to this day brushes his hand on every surface to make sure you know you aren’t dusting enough. I admire Armando for his hard work, not only at the college but with his family, church and community. He is such a valuable member of our team! Thanks for 25 years of service!"

Ronald Bradley
Ron Bradley

"If you have ever received email at your Snow College account or have retrieved /saved files to and from Snow College servers, or even logged into the myriads of computer systems at Snow, chances are you have used the technology that Ron oversees. Ron works hard at maintaining the systems you have come to rely on to do your job at Snow. He works hard to make sure the systems he is responsible for are up and available when needed. When necessary, Ron has been known to work well into the night to fix or repair problems that may come up, just so they are available the following day. Snow College is lucky to have an individual like Ron; over the past 25 years his knowledge and expertise have been a great asset for Snow!"

Jon Ostler
Jon Ostler

"Jon Ostler leads by example. His quiet, compassionate leadership style empowers his staff to innovate and consistently improve. All who know him consider him a trusted confidant, a caring friend, a clear communicator, a humble mentor, and an ethical person. The library, under his leadership, is a state-of the art, professional academic learning environment that invites all to engage in the broadening of the mind."

James Kittelsrud
James Kittelsrud

"Jim has been a great leader of his department. He heads up the school-wide software and hardware. He is gentle and understanding with his employees. He reports progress on his projects to me in a good manner."

Twenty Years

Ruston Peterson
Ruston Peterson

"As a 20-year member of the Campus Services Team, Ruston has played an active role in what helps keep the Snow College Richfield Campus safe, healthy, and exemplary. Ruston is reliable and puts forth hard work on a daily basis. He is willing to go the extra mile in picking up pieces where things may be running short-handed. Ruston is a familiar face amongst all areas of the campus. He knows the ins and outs of what it takes to help things run smoothly for the benefit of the students. We appreciate his service and sacrifice on behalf of Snow College. Thank you Ruston, for all that you do."

Chad Price
Chad Price

"For over one hundred years, Snow College Instructors have educated those seeking a better way of life. Chad Price is one of those exceptionally fine instructors that has shared his passion for his profession in the Cosmetology industry with many students. During his 20 years of service he has been an inspiration, always ready to teach a new skill and to uplift and encourage anyone that may be struggling. Thank you for your dedication to the College but especially to the students."

Kevin Sorensen
Kevin Sorensen

"Kevin Sorenson is known throughout his division and the campus as a quiet and steady leader. Many describe his style as unassuming and methodical. He models scientific reasoning as he carefully weighs all aspects of an issue before advocating a solution. As a result, he is a respected, trusted thinker who wields strong influence across campus. He is a kind and patient man who is beloved by students and colleagues alike. Snow College is so fortunate that Kevin decided to make this his professional home."

Jonathan Bodrero
Jonathan Bodrero

"Jonathan was born to serve. Jonathan has served in many capacities in his 20 years of service at Snow College. These include Math Department Chair, Faculty Senate Representative, Faculty Development Committee, Honors Co-Chair, and he continues to serve on an Interstate Math Taskforce. In addition, he is a hard worker and is an accomplished teacher and mentor. He always makes time for students. He continues to develop as a faculty by staying current in his area and helps his colleagues to develop as well. We and the students are lucky to have Jonathan at Snow College."

Erick Faatz
Erick Faatz

"Erick is one of the most dependable and thorough faculty members I have ever encountered--not only here at Snow, but anywhere. If he accepts a job (for example, to be on a committee), he will do it, and do it completely. Erick takes his employment seriously and does his best for his students on a daily basis. I honestly don't have the energy to keep up with Erick, but I'm sure glad he's here!"

Michael Brenchley
Michael Brenchley

"Mike is an influential member of the Behavioral and Social Science Division and Department. His support and guidance is always above and beyond the expected norm. Mike has a great desire and love for teaching and Snow College. His wealth of experience embodies all of what is meant by “Spirit of Snow”.

"Mike’s concern and love for his student is shown everyday. A week ago I walked into his office and he was writing a letter of encouragement and concern to a student.

"Mike has been a great mentor and support to me throughout my time at Snow College. I can always depend on his support and help. He is an excellent teacher that communicates his love and concern to his student, by the way he teaches and by example.

"He spends a lot of time with the community and Manti High School as a historian and football coach. His heart is in the right place."

Teri Mason
Teri Mason

Teri displays the true qualities of an educator offering advice, guidance, support, and friendship, all while letting her faculty have the autonomy to teach and instruct as they see fit. She loves teaching and doing what is best for her cosmetology students and clients. Teri is a positive role model and works hard to help her students accomplish their goals. She has served for several years as the department chair. Teri loves her family and enjoys cycling with her husband. Congratulations on your 20-year milestone!

Fifteen Years

Barbara Dalene
Barbara Dalene

"Few people are as passionate about student success as Barb Dalene. She is a knowledgeable and skilled advisor, an exceptional mentor, and a great advocate for students. The music department wouldn’t be what it is without Barb’s ability to mentor students. I know that every student in the music program has a story about Barb’s generosity and her support. Thanks for your amazing work Barb!"

David Allred
David Allred

"It is not surprising for David Allred to be one of the first people to arrive at work and, on the same day, to be one of the last people to leave. David is well-known for his impeccable worth ethic, his attention to detail, and his love of charts. While he skillfully walks around campus and the community with his nose in a book, he is looking for opportunities to serve. Many high impact programs on campus are the result of his care and design: honors, service learning, foundations, convocation. Most importantly, though, David is a devoted teacher: many students have been benefitted from his scholarship, his clarity, his teaching techniques, and his personal concern. Snow College is truly lucky to have David Allred as a professor and a campus leader."

Kent Bean
Kent Bean

"Kent Bean can always be relied on. He is always in class, always working with students, always improving his teaching. His science fiction and writing courses offer students high-quality educational experiences, and he also directs the writing lab, which helps students across campus. He can always be trusted to give measured opinions and good advice, and he has taken on the challenging job of chairing a large department. Thanks, Kent, for your fifteen years of service."

Elaine Compton
Elaine Compton

"Elaine has been a mentor and wonderful educator for students at Snow College. Elaine’s hard work and positive attitude is reflected in everything she does for Snow. She has many years of hard work and service on a variety of committees. Thank you for all that you do, Elaine!"

Amy Jorgensen
Amy Jorgensen

"Amy Jorgensen is an indispensable member of Snow College Visual Arts. She is universally loved and respected by her students, who recognize the exceptional quality of the training she provides for them. Over the past 15 years Amy has had a significant impact on the visual arts at Snow College, as well as Sanpete County, and the State of Utah. She is currently considered one of the fifteen most influential artists in the state of Utah. We are fortunate to have Amy as a part of our faculty. Congratulations Amy!"

Ten Years

  • Emily Peterson
  • Cindy Alder
  • Heidi Johnson
  • Malynda Bjerregaard
  • Gregory Wright
  • Allen Riggs
  • Janalee Jeffery
  • Steven Zollinger
  • Kenneth Fontaine
  • Robert Nielson

Five Years

  • Meagan White
  • Jonathan Knudsen
  • Colton Nay
  • Ben Hansen
  • Ken Blackburn
  • Jourdan Watts
  • Wissem Abid
  • Annette Taylor
  • Michael Russell
  • Jennifer Bigelow
  • Tracy Madsen
  • Michael Huff
  • Zeb White
  • Ryan Thalman
  • Jonathan Tyler
  • Justin Morgan
  • Maritza Tinoco
  • Greg Bosshardt
  • Kristi Stevens
  • David Graham
  • Michael Salitrynski
  • Vickie Mecham
  • Maria Corona
  • Jed Rasmussen
  • Matthew Gowans
  • Diane Hill
  • Kevin Powell
  • Ian Spackman
  • Paul Tew
  • Dean Butterfield
  • Heber Ellsworth
  • Dana Brotherson

Part-time employees with years of service

Name Years
Heidi Curtis 17
Karen Sedgwick 13
James Crane 12
Kelly Roberts 12
Ren Petersen 12
Shelly Kesler 11
Whittney Schear 11
Debra Matheson 11
Koriann Workman 11
Joni Thomas 11
Tanya Lee 11
Ernest Augustus 10
Sheri Thompson 10
Deanna Zedicher 9
Amanda Wood 9
Denise Avis 9
Jacqueline Jackman 9
Kayla Allen 9
Donna Birk 8
Megan Jewkes 8
Jarrett Henrie 8
Jessica Jensen 8
Douglas Hansen 8
Brianna Powell 8
Micki Hansen 7
Stormy Dorsey 7
Lynda Fackrell 7
John Choate 6
Sandra Mills 6
KD Bishop 6
Heidi Bahlmann 6
Diana Jensen 6
Barbara Larsen 6
James Batterman 6
Angela Penrod 5
Justin Christensen 5
Barbara Savage 5
David Bailey 5
Matthew Brady 5
Heather Golding 5
Maria Serrano 5
Samantha Holder 5
Devanae Robinson 5
Christina Loew 5
Alexa Pollock 5
Kelli Davis 5
Diane Ogden 5

Because this is the first time we are recognizing part-time employees, they don’t fit into our traditional milestone years of service awards. We want all our part-time employees to know how much we appreciate them, and we are happy to be able to include them in our recognition!