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Faculty Association

Who Are We?

The Snow College Faculty Association is a campus-wide representative body for the faculty of Snow College. All faculty are automatically members of the Faculty Association. Full time faculty are voting members. Part time faculty are encouraged to participate.

See our by-laws:

Our Mission

  1. To be a voice of the Snow College faculty independent of academic divisions.
  2. To hear and receive concerns of any Snow College faculty member.
  3. To advocate for the entire faculty of Snow College to the administration.
  4. To represent the entire faculty of Snow College on governing bodies such as Faculty Senate and College Council.
  5. To promote a climate of respect in all activities and efforts.

What We Do

The Snow College Faculty Association holds open meetings once each semester.

The president (or other officer) attends bi-weekly Faculty Senate (link to Senate: meetings and bi-monthly College Council meetings and does his/her best to vote in the interest of the entire faculty. We hear and act on any issues faculty members have.

What Can You Do

Share any issues or concerns you would like the faculty association to be aware of OR contact us by phone or email:

  • Faculty Association President: Garth Sorenson ude.wons@nosneros.htrag
  • Faculty Association Vice President: Sheryl Bodrero ude.wons@orerdob.lyrehs
  • Faculty Association Secretary: Michael Huff ude.wons@ffuh.leahcim