Faculty Senate

The Snow College Faculty Senate represents the faculty in the policy making process of the College. It is a partner with the administation, Board of Trustees and staff in promoting the mission of Snow College in the following areas:

• Academic freedom
• Curriculum, including establishing prerequisites, and placing courses within disciplines
• Degree and certificate requirements
• Educational program development
• Standards or policies regarding student preparation and success
• College governance structures as they relate to faculty roles
• Academic standards
• Faculty advancement, tenure and continuing review
• Policies for faculty professional development activities
• Processes for program review
• Processes for institutional planning and budget development
• Other academic and professional matters as mutually agreed upon between the Governing Board and Senate
• Advocate for the faculty

The following committees are assembled under the Faculty Senate: 

Advancement & Tenure - Eric Faatz 
Benefits - Allan Stevens
College Council - Nick Marsing
Curriculum - Jeff Carney
Faculty Development - Nick Marsing
Global Engagement - Danni Larsen
Honors - Jonathan Bodrero
Library - Vance Larsen
Professional Track - Alan Palmer
Service Learning - Milinda Weeks
TTC - Dean Brereton