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Brand Resources

On this page are the approved logos and visual elements to help staff and faculty of Snow College to use in school projects. Please read the Brand Guideline Manual first for an understanding of the proper uses of the Snow College logo as well as uses which are not acceptable. If you have any questions or need any help with your project please contact John Clark - email address for this person or 435.283.7626


There are five versions of the Snow College logo in different layout designs for primary or standard use, a signature or horizontal use, a vertical use, a square version, and an alternate for horizontal use. Please use an appropriate version in your application. And do not alter or change the logos in any way.

primary logo Primary Logo

signiture logo Signature Logo

vertical logo Vertical Logo

square logo Square Logo

alternate logo Alternate Logo  

Email Signature

Snow College has approved a set of guidelines for use as an email signature for all employees. Please download the brand guideline document and the two versions of the email logos for your use,

Email Guidelines Email Guidelines

200 px Email 200px Logo

300 px Email 300px Logo

Apparel Embroidery Form

If your school, office or department would like to order apparel items (polo shirts, oxford shirts, fleece vest or jackets, caps, or other shirts or jackets) with the new logo embroidered on the item(s) you can download the form below to help you through the process. On the form please choose the style of embroidery you want, fill out the information details and indicate the color, size and styles of the shirts or items you want to order. With the completed form you will need to contact one or more of the approved Snow College embroidery vendors to discuss approved apparel colors, costs and order payment:

I-Four Media, Ephraim
Shirt Stop, Richfield

Embroidery Form

Business Card Order Form

The process of ordering personal Snow College business cards has been simplified for all employees needing business cards. Please download the following Business Card Order form, the form is a PDF form that you can simply fill out on your computer and then save the completed form as a new document, and email the form according to the directions on the bottom of the form.

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