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Social Media

College affiliated social media accounts are some of the most publicly visible marketing tools we have. Whether for a club, a program, or the college as a whole, the images and words used on social media platforms are a reflection of the institution. As such, it is important that every social media account use correct grammar and spelling, tasteful photos, and maintain a professional tone.

The Social Media Specialist is available to assist with the following:

  • Helping your department/group develop a social media strategy
  •  Posting about large events that will have wide appeal. This includes service oriented events, nationally or regionally affiliated events, outside groups coming to campus, or events that help promote departments
  • Training on the basic how-to’s of social media, from a simple post to streaming live

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Please do not open a new social media account without first consulting with the Social Media Specialist.
  • We get many requests for event postings on the Snow College accounts. If the target of your event is current Snow College students, the app is the best place to advertise. Our Web Developer can assist you with all things app related.
  • If you have exciting things happening in your classroom, feel free to send photos to the Social Media Specialist. While we won’t be able to utilize all photos or videos sent, we will use what we can for department highlights. Better yet, if you have a lecture or demonstration coming up that will demonstrate hands-on learning or student engagement, let our photographer know. When possible, our office will send someone to get a few photos for marketing purposes.

Please contact Tyler Smith in the Office of Marketing & Communication regarding Snow College Social Media.

435.283.7016 or email address for this person