Residency Eligibility 

There are a number of situations under which a student claims residency. Utah law establishes different eligibility requirements for each situation. For a complete explanation of Utah and Board of Regents policy, see Utah Code § 53B-8-102, et seq. and R512. For Snow College's official residency policy, see

The following are a number of those situations under which a student may qualify for residency and the associated eligibility requirements.

Change of Residency for Educational Purposes 

To be eligible to be considered for Utah Residency, applicants who came to Utah for the purpose of attending an institution of higher education must do the following:

  1. Reside in Utah for twelve continuous months, starting July 1, 2007, or anytime thereafter*
  2. Not be claimed as a dependent on the tax returns of a person who is not a resident of Utah
  3. Take steps that establish an intent to become a resident of Utah (see Objective Evidence)
  4. Submit an Application for Residency (General) with the objective evidence by the end of the third week of the semester

* Please note, you cannot be absent from the state for more than 29 total days during that 12 month period (not necessarily 29 consecutive days). See Frame v. Residency Appeals Comm. Of Utah State Univ., 675 P.2d 1157 (Utah 1983); Board of Regents Policy and Procedure R512-3.3 (May 15, 2015) ( To prove this, you must provide bank statements for those twelve continuous months. 

Marriage to a Utah Resident

If you married a Utah resident and have become a Utah resident yourself, provide the following: 

  1. Evidence of not being claimed as a dependent on the tax returns of a person who is not a resident of Utah; 
  2. A marriage certificate dated before the beginning of the semester;
  3. Objective evidence of your intent to become a Utah resident (see note below); 
  4. Objective evidence of your spouse's and residency; and 
  5. An Application for Residency (General) by the end of the third week of the semester

Note: There is no time requirement under this situation for number 3 above. That is, you do not need to provide objective evidence dated at least 90 days before the semester. You need only provide some of the evidence listed as objective evidence. 

Residency Change for Permanent, Full-time Employment

A student who has come to Utah for full-time permanent employment, or who is an immediate family member of an individual who has come to Utah for full-time permanent employment, may rebut the presumption of a nonresident classification by providing substantial evidence that the reason for the move to Utah was, in good faith, based on an employer-requested transfer to Utah, recruitment by a Utah employer, or a comparable work-related move for full-time permanent employment in Utah.

In addition to objective evidence, all relevant evidence concerning the motivation for the move will be considered, including, but not limited to, such factors as:

  1. The employee's employment and educational history;
  2. The dates when Utah employment was first considered, offered, and accepted;
  3. When the person moved to Utah;
  4. The dates when the person applied for admission, was admitted, and was enrolled as a postsecondary student;
  5. Whether the person applied for admission to a USHE institution sooner than four months from the date of moving to Utah;
  6. Evidence that the person is an independent person (at least 24 years of age, or not listed as a dependent on someone else's tax forms); and
  7. Any other factors related to abandonment of a former domicile and establishment of a new domicile in Utah for purposes other than to attend an institution of higher education.

Parents Residing in Utah for at Least 12 Months

A dependent student who has at least one parent who has been continuously domiciled in Utah for the 12 months prior to the first day of class of the semester for which the student is seeking resident status is eligible for resident student status. The student is responsible to submit evidence of dependency and objective evidence demonstrating that the parent has established domicile in Utah with an Application for Residency.

Military Residency Exception

If you are a military service-member, a military veteran, or an immediate family member of either, or an eligible person (as defined by Utah law), please see our Military Residency Exception page. 

Other Circumstances

If you are applying for residency based on any other circumstances, you will be required to submit additional documentation in addition to objective evidence and the residency application.

Residency Applications

There are a number of applications for residency. Each provides an explanation of when it is applicable and what is needed to complete the application.


Please contact the residency officer at Snow College for specific information:

Micah N. Strait
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