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Student Body Officer Elections

"The Student Life and Leadership Center provides an inclusive environment and creates diverse connections through activities, leadership opportunities, and service to the campus community."


Congratulations to the 2021-2022 Student Body President and VP:

Brady curtis and preston moon

Slogan: It’s time to come out of the den!


We have had a lot of great experiences at Snow College, including many as Student Body Officers. We’re keeping the momentum going now by running as Student Body President and Vice President. After speaking with many different parts of campus, our goal for the coming year is to build an environment where each of us can not just survive, but thrive at Snow College. We have a few plans to help us reach this goal, and they include: Bringing back tradition, Reconnecting, and Resiliently adapting to any coming challenges next year brings.
By bringing back tradition on campus, we can re-engage everyone with the activities, clubs, and  organizations we’ve come to know and love in our time at Snow College.
By emphasizing connection around campus, we can fight the stigmas surrounding mental health and improve wellness all around. For our SBOS, in- person invitations will be equally as important as in-person activities, helping you feel included in student life.
We have adapted a lot in student government to advocate your needs, especially due COVID-19. We pledge that we will continue to adapt and advance to any coming challenges this next year brings. After the wild year we’ve all experienced, it’s time to come out of the den and bring in the next year with a bang!


*If you have any questions about elections please contact Michelle Brown or Zeb White with the Student Life Offices.