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Advanced Cosmetology Lab

Division: Business and Applied Tech

Department: Services Technology

Course: COSB 2305

Title: Advanced Cosmetology Lab

Description: In this course, students learn highly marketable skills in preparing for licensure and working in the profession of cosmetology. Students are challenged to serve in the community, to achieve senior student status, and becoming mentors to their fellow peers. Lab instruction and practice are an integral part of this program. This course provides in-depth practical experience in learning and achieving advanced techniques in all areas essential to becoming a successful cosmetologist/barber. Students perform services in a salon setting. This course has a service learning component. This course requires a nonrefundable lab fee.

Courses Taught Fall 2020

2305-300MTWTHF7:45 am-11:45 amPrice, Chad W.
2305-350MTWTHF7:45 am-11:45 amPrice, Chad W.

Courses Taught Spring 2021

No courses to display for this term.
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