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Outdoor Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Why????  Why Not???

Natural resources, such as mining, agriculture, and logging, have been very important and will continue to be important in Utah’s economy, however, tourism and outdoor related businesses are becoming more and more important.  The Outdoor Recreation Economy reported that annually outdoor related spending totals  $646 billion, which has led to 6.1 million jobs (Outdoor Industry Foundation, 2012).   The report further illustrated that outdoor recreation grew 5% annually between 2005 and 2011 (Outdoor Industry Foundation).  The “Get Out West” initiative by the Western Governor’s Association reports that $256 billion in direct spending and 2.3 million jobs result from outdoor recreation (Outdoor Industry Foundation, 2012).  The US Bureau of Labor Statistics proposes a 19% growth in employment between 2010 and 2020 in recreation related jobs (BLS, n.d.).   Utah supports 65,000 outdoor recreation related jobs and contributes $5.8 billion to the Utah economy (Outdoor Industry Foundation, n.d.)

The OLE Program at Snow College is considerably different from other outdoor programs.  The Outdoor Leadership and Entrepreneurship Program was designed to meet the needs of the outdoor market by providing you with the necessary outdoor skills, trainings and certifications, and business skills to be successful in the outdoor industry.  Likewise, you will have real-world, practical experience.  More Importantly, you start to gaining this experience your very first semester in the program. 


For further questions please contact:

Snow College Outdoor Leadership
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