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Outdoor Leadership/Entrepreneurship

Why settle for ordinary when you can have EXTRAORDINARY!

The diverse Colorado Plateau and Great Basin are YOUR classroom.

The Historic Great Basin Station is YOUR Dorm. 

A small cohort of students taking all the same courses are YOUR classmates.

13-15 outdoor based credits is YOUR schedule (including GE credits).

The Immersion Experience is offered fall semester during even years.  Students will spend the semester studying, learning and experiencing outdoor leadership first-hand.  The unique nature of the Immersion Experience allows students to gain significant “real world” experiences during their time at Snow College.  The Great Basin Station (GBS) is located about 10 miles up Ephraim Canyon and will function as the base for the numerous field experiences each student will encounter.  The 13 - 15 credit outdoor-based curriculum will provide a foundation for outdoor leadership skills, while still including required General Education credit.  Experience with several outdoor related business and organizations create an outdoor experience that is second to none!



For further questions please contact: 

Snow College Outdoor Leadership & Entrepreneurship Program
150 East College Avenue
Ephraim, UT 84627