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Adam Larsen


Adam Larsen

  • Professor
  • Phone: 435 283-7416
  • Office: Humanities and Fine Arts Building, HU-149
  • E-mail: ude.wons@nesral.mada



MFA, Wichita State University

Adam Larsen is a passionate artist and teacher of the visual language.  His philosophy of art and teaching embraces the idea that art occurs when craft and concept homogenize.  He is dedicated to promoting the practice of fundamental visual and dextral skills in a variety of artistic disciplines.  His work cannot be categorized completely by one artistic medium but instead exists in varied forms of drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, and artists’ books.  This mixed-media affiliation allows him freedom as an artist to produce work in any combination of material and process, informing and enhancing his particular concept. His current work can be characterized as a visual reflection of his life as he attempts to translate commonplace occurrences into intimate visual dialogs utilizing the visual and tactile container of the artists’ book.  The work includes the use of toys and elements of childhood play, metaphorically creating a reciprocal relationship between early memories and adulthood.