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Visual Arts

Snow College Visual Arts offers a dynamic general education curriculum designed to provide all students with a holistic understanding of the principles of art which fashion the visual world around us. Emphasis is placed on teaching the fundamentals of art, development of creative and critical thinking skills, understanding historical context, and the exploration of media. It is the goal of the department to instill non-major students with a sensibility and lifetime appreciation for the visual arts.

AFA Degree

For majors, the Associate of Fine Arts in Visual Studies is a unique interdisciplinary studio arts degree. The AFA degree provides students with fundamental competencies in artistic practice, critical thinking, and creative problem solving. These core themes are applied to material, process, historical context, concept, and critical theory. The program utilizes innovative practices and technologies in the visual arts and creative industry while fostering professional networks and engaging in dialog with communities on a global level. Students, in collaboration with faculty, design a curricular emphasis specific to their professional career goals. The entrepreneurial and professional practices component of this degree prepares students for success at every level. Students completing this competitive and demanding AFA program will leave with a keenly developed sensibility and skill set, and are prepared to successfully transfer to a senior institution and engage with an evolving creative industry.