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Visual Arts Scholarship Information

Thank you for your interest in studying art at Snow College. The following information explains the art scholarship application process. Please read each section carefully; all requirements must be met to qualify for scholarships. For any additional questions please contact Scott Allred: (435) 283-7414 or ude.wons@derlla.ttocs

Application Deadline: March 1st

  1. Prepare your portfolio
    • Select 10–15 examples of your best work. Examples may include, but are not limited to:
      • Drawing
      • Painting
      • Photography
      • Printmaking
      • Sculpture
      • Ceramics
      • Mixed media
      • Digital media
      • Video
      • Animation
      • 1-2 pages from your sketchbook
    • 2D and 3D work should be well photographed, in focus, with good lighting on a black, white, or neutral background
    • Digital media examples can be submitted in the original format
    • All time-based work (video, animation, etc.) must first be uploaded to either YouTube or Vimeo and submitted as share links – please double check URLs to make sure they work – no passwords please
    • (Optional) Resume or CV documenting your artistic efforts and some unique information about yourself
  2. Complete the Online Application

    To maintain consistency among applicant submissions, the scholarship application is formatted as a Google Slides presentation that will be saved and submitted as a PDF. Please note: you will need access to a Google account to start and save your application. Information and instructions are provided throughout the application.

  3. Submit your Application

    Once your application is complete and saved in PDF format (instructions included in application), email the PDF as an attachment to: ude.wons@stra.lausiv

** NOTE: Your application MUST be emailed as an attached PDF. Do NOT send a Google Drive link. **

Click here to download a PDF version of this information.