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Snow College will be closed November 24 & 25 for Thanksgiving.

GE Minutes 1-24-2011

Snow College General Education Committee
January 24, 2012
In attendance: Mel Jacobsen, Melanie Jenkins, LaFaun Barnhurst,
Clinton King, Joseph Papenfuss, Tracie Bradley, Patty Meredith,
Jeff Carney (chair), Rick White (ex officio)


Action on the minutes of 1.24.2012 was postponed.

ASSESSMENT 2010-2011

Rick indicated that he would meet with Math, Science, and
English to discuss the CAAP and CCSEQ data that was gathered
last year. Specifically, the discussions should identify what we
learned from the data and how we responded.
Jeff pointed out that as a committee we have agreed to require
most GE courses to be accountable for Outcome 6 (analytical,
critical, and creative reasoning) and that this decision results
from our collective dissatisfaction with the results of the
Scientific Reasoning portion of the CAAP data.
The committee also spent some time discussing the merits of
adding reading instruction to some of our GE courses as a result
of our dissatisfaction with the results of the Reading portion
of the CAAP data. The spirit of the committee is that some
portion of the GE Worksheet (yet to be determined) should be
held accountable for the reading component of GE Outcome 2
(information literacy).
Jeff pointed out that he and Dr. Smith agree that teaching
students to read the literature associated with the various
disciplines is pedagogically sound. The committee agreed that if
such a requirement is implemented, it should be up to the
individual departments to determine the exact nature of the
Patty expressed some concern that not all instructors may feel
qualified to teach reading. The possibility of conducting an inservice
was mentioned.