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Snow College will be closed November 24 & 25 for Thanksgiving.

GE Minutes 11-1-2013

General Education Committee
1 Nov. 2013
In attendance: Richard Squire, Gregory Wright, Melanie Jenkins, Adam Larsen,
Clinton King, Joseph Papenfuss, LaFaun Barnhurst
I. Approval of Minutes (October 11, 2013)
Richard motioned, Clinton seconded; unanimous vote.

II. Discussion Items

A. GE descriptors (social science, humanities, others?)
Richard led discussion about the social science descriptor. There was discussion about removing the first line of the definition. There was also some discussion about the statement “at least 3 of the following.” Richard will talk with his division and submit final version. Gregory Wright led discussion about the Humanities descriptor. The division needs to weigh in before final draft is ready. Clinton discussed the status of PS descriptor. There is some division with the division. We emphasized that this discussion should be about student learning outcomes, not courses, course content or pedagogy. Adam reported that he is working with Vance Larsen on Fine Arts and OC
descriptions. Next week: discuss the science inquiry box and the possibility of changing it to an integrative-focused box so that we address outcome #7. There is some concern about changing GE now, and then changing GE again when strategic plans are implemented.

III. Consent items

A. New Courses
B. 5-year Review
C. Pending
Com 2300
Art 1010
Art 1020
Art 1040
Art 1050
Art 1060
IV. Assessment
Approved Nov 8 2013.