GE Minutes 1-14-2013

Snow College General Education Committee
January 14, 2013
In attendance: Melanie Jenkins, Joseph Papenfuss, Lafaun Barnhurst,
Richard Squire, Clinton King, ex officio Susan Larsen.
Richard moved, with LaFaun seconding, that the minutes of 12.10.12
be approved. The motion carried unanimously.

Assignments made:

Richard is talk to PE about the current year assessment of personal wellness.
Mel Jacobsen is to encourage math to write up their assessment. Melanie will contact Rick Wheeler and ask him to check with fine arts on two issues: the current year assessment and the write up of the assessment of the communication department last year. Everyone: Remind deans we need descriptors for GE areas. We would like these by February 15. Life Science, physical science, social science, humanities, fine arts are the critical boxes. We had a brief discussion about attending a newly formulated committee to discuss the future of GE. Anyone who wants to come is invited; it is an exploratory committee or study group at this point. Discussion about Snow’s marketing of GE and Snow’s vision for GE. We don’t sell GE very well. There needs to be an attitude shift about GE. Brief discussion about increasing block offerings.
We will review CAAP data next time we meet.
Approved 2/4/13