GE Minutes 1-30-2013

Snow College General Education Committee
January 30, 2013
In attendance: Joseph Papenfuss, Clinton King, Melanie Jenkins,
Richard Squire, LaFaun Barnhurst, e.o. Rick White, e.o. Susan Larsen
Announcement: GE study group on Thursdays 2:30 pm
Discussion: Melanie and LaFaun reported on the GE conference they
recently attended.

Assignment to all:

Is GE relevant to every program? We need a narrative that convinces people that GE is good and useful, rather than just a hoop to jump through. Brainstorming about this: a student is smarter, more self reliant, quotes from Joseph, quotes from alumni, survey snow grads. We will all keep thinking.

Assessment Reports:

Beckie Hermansen reported on CCSEQ results from last year. They are different this because we made some better definitions of terms. Results actually went down in some areas. She reviewed results of specific local questions. These specific questions map directly to an older set of GE outcomes. Beckie assured us that these results could be mapped to new GE outcomes.


CAAP this year, first two weeks of February, in Eng 2010. Discussion of the St Olaf’s model of GE assessment: multi-year, internal and national assessments.

Assignment to all:

Review the St Olaf’s assessment survey, find questions you like, make suggestions of questions that need to be
added. Communicate new GE outcomes to divisions. Continue working on GE descriptors, paying attention to new GE outcomes. Curriculum Committee would like us to begin reviewing syllabi next fall.
Approved 2/4/13