GE Minutes 10-01-2012

Snow College General Education Committee
October 1, 2012
In attendance: LaFaun Barnhurst, Richard Squire, Melanie Jenkins,
Clinton King, Mel Jacobsen, Beckie Hermansen(ex officio), Rick
White (ex officio), Jeff Carney (chair)


Richard moved, with LaFaun seconding, that the minutes of 9.24 be approved. LaFaun, Richard, Mel Jacobsen, and Jeff voted yea, and the motion carried. Melanie and Clinton abstained because they had not attended the meeting.


The rest of the meeting was a very loose discussion of topics that might be raised during our accreditation meeting on October 2.


The accreditation meeting of October 2 went very well. Virtually none of the topics the committee had prepared for were directly discussed, but committee members answered questions clearly and thoughtfully. Our visitor (Curt Freed) indicated that he was satisfied with our responses. Professor Freed did raise one point that this committee or more likely the AAS Committee should address. He was concerned that the three GE outcomes mandated by The Northwest Accreditation Commission for technical programs are not consistently identifiable in college materials. His particular concern was the college catalogue.