GE Minutes 11-8-2013

General Education Committee
8 Nov. 2013
Attendance: Richard Squire, Gregory Wright, Melanie Jenkins, LaFaun Barnhurst,
Clinton King, Adam Larsen, Joseph Papenfuss
I. Approval of Minutes (Nov. 1, 2013): Adam motioned, Lafaun seconded. Voting unanimous.

II. Discussion Items

A. GE descriptors (physical science, fine arts, communication??)
1. Discussion of fine arts led by Adam Larsen. The student learning outcomes look good. Adam agreed to add an additional SLO that addresses “informed sensitivity.” He also agreed to write the definition.
2. Discussion of physical science led by Clinton King. Clinton had brought two versions to the committee and asked for input as to which one would be more beneficial to the group. We agreed that the #2 version is more in line with other descriptors and SLOs.
3. Discussion of entire document led by Melanie Jenkins. Melanie is working on unifying the descriptors and SLOs and combining them into one document. She asked for feedback from the group on what to include in the introduction. She will work on that this week.
4. Brief discussion about potential descriptor for science inquiry. Melanie checked curriculum committee minutes from when that was approved and the one criterion was “scientific method.” Discussed possibility of changing scientific inquiry into an interdisciplinary requirement.

III. Consent items

A. New Courses
B. 5-year Review
C. Pending
Com 2300
Art 1010
Art 1020
Art 1040
Art 1050
Art 1060
IV. Assessment
Approved Nov 22, 2013.