GE Minutes 12-03-2012

Snow College General Education Committee
December 3, 2012
In attendance: Richard Squire, Rick Wheeler, Melanie Jenkins,
Clinton King, Mel Jacobsen, Joseph Papenfuss, LaFaun Barnhurst,
Gary Smith, Beckie Hermansen, Susan Larsen, Jeff Carney


Richard moved, with LaFaun seconding, that the minutes of 11.19 and 11.26 be approved. The motion carried unanimously.


Beckie came to recommend that we administer the CAAP test as we have done in alternate years in the past. Joseph reminded us that the Science departments were disappointed with the CAAP science test. Others thought that the CAAP tests in Math and Reading might still be useful, both as a way of comparing our students' performance with other years, and as a way of comparing their performance with national norms. Jeff was concerned that methods of getting students to participate in the past may have led to skewed survey samples that might provide an inadequate baseline. If we can improve the survey sample this year, we would have a better set of baseline data for future assessments. It was suggested that all English 2010 students be required to take the CAAP test in the Spring of 2013. This would create several advantages:
1. no self-selection bias
2. a high population of sophomore test-takers
3. increased motivation to do well
One way of motivating students to do well is to indicate that they would be competing with past students; competition seems to motivate students to do well. Another way is to administer the test early enough that students can receive their scores (which they have not done in the past) and compare them to their ACT scores; ACT designs the CAAP test so that scores on comparable tests have comparable meaning. It was pointed out that cutting the CAAP science test would leave funding available to send more math and reading tests to ACT than we have in the past. Clinton moved, with Mel Jabcobsen seconding, that the CAAP math  and reading tests be administered this spring as discussed above. The motion was carried unanimously.


Jeff announced that after two years of leading the committee, he would resign his membership at the end of the semester. Jeff cited some minor health issues as his sole motivation for the change. A new chair was elected. Clinton nominated Melanie for the position; Rick wheeler seconded the nomination. Melanie nominated Clinton for the position; Rick wheeler seconded this nomination as well. The vote was 6-1 in favor of Melanie. Jeff said that he would communicate with the Humanities Division Dean and the Senate President about replacements.


Sheryl Bodrero, the Humanities Dean, will appoint Melanie to be the new Humanities Division representative. Melanie had been serving as an at-large member. Brad Taggart, the Senate President, has agreed that it would be best for the Senate to appoint a new at-large member to fill out Melanie's term. It is hoped that these adjustments will ensure continuity of leadership through the next election of committee members.