GE Minutes 2-28-2012

Snow College General Education Committee
February 28, 2012
In attendance: Melanie Jenkins, LaFaun Barnhurst, Clinton King,
Joseph Papenfuss, Jeff Carney (chair), Rick White (ex officio),
Beckie Hermansen (guest)


Melanie moved, with Clinton seconding, that the minutes of 2.14 be approved. The motion was carried unanimously.


Beckie presented a document prepared in 2010 that relates data collected from the Community College Student Experiences Questionnaire (CCSEQ) to the GE Outcomes as they existed in 2010. The years surveyed were 1997, 2008, and 2010. The CCSEQ is an instrument that looks at how community college students spend their time as well as how they perceive personal gains from their community college experience. Survey data are of course subjective, but make a reasonable adjunct to more objective data, such as we have collected from the CAAP. Beckie recommended that we administer the CCSEQ in the spring of this year. We will be administering other tests as well, but they have not been tried, so we do not yet know how useful they are. Furthermore, the CCSEQ is inexpensive. It was the spirit of the committee that the CCSEQ continue to be administered, at least through the current academic year. Beckie also indicated that it is possible to add our own questions to the CCSEQ to target specific outcomes. The college as a whole has already added some. Members of the committee were asked to consider what questions, if any, might be added, and to report back next time. Rick White asked Jeff to prepare a Three-Year Summary of Assessment Results for the GE Program based on data that we collected through Academic Year 2010-2011, including the CAAP and CCSEQ. Jeff agreed to do this.