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GE Minutes 2-4-2013

Snow College General Education Committee
February 4, 2013
In attendance: Richard Squire, Susan Larsen, Mel Jacosen, Joseph Papenfuss,
Richard White, Lafaun Barnhurst, Melanie Jenkins. Guests: David Allred, Larry
Motion to approved minutes of 1/14 and 1/30 made by Richard and seconded by
Lafaun was unanimously agreed upon.

David Allred and Larry Smith proposed a course, HONR 2851, that would be interdisciplinary and would fulfill Science Inquiry. We discussed what we mean by interdisciplinary in regard to outcome #7. We agreed to establish criteria for that GE Outcome. We recommended David and Larry present the course to Curriculum Committee for approval to fill the Science Inquiry, since HONR is not currently approved as such.

We looked at the results of SENSE and CCSSE, assessments that were administered last year to incoming freshmen and outgoing sophomores. We noted, and agreed to take back to our divisions, that while students scored well in many areas (compared to national groups), they did not score well in areas categorized as “student effort.” Students report that they are unprepared for class more frequently and regularly than their peers at other institutions.