GE Minutes 3-4-2013

Snow College General Education Committee
March 4, 2013
In attendance: Mel Jacobsen, Richard Squire, Susan Larsen, Joseph Papenfuss, Clinton
King, Melanie Jenkins, LaFaun Barnhurst, Rick White, Gregory Wright, Adam Larsen
Richard motioned, Clinton seconded for approval of minutes from 2/11. Unanimous vote.

Report on the strategic planning retreat from Melanie: The focus was the model that we are going to use to engage in strategic planning. She said she felt the meeting extremely productive. There was a lot of discussion about better communication. The upshot is that a strategic planning committee is being formed. This strategic planning committee will be addressed in a future college forum. This probably will not affect the business of this general education committee at all.


We went through assessment tool used by St. Olaf’s college question by question. We discussed likert scale, adding a question on integrative thinking and changing the format of question 10. Rick White asked what we will do with the data. We discussed present data from our assessment surveys at the fall faculty workshops. We also decided that it needs to be available on web page and that it needs to be reported in ways that address faculty concerns. Faculty will be more likely to care about the data once it is processed. We need to discuss these results with our divisions. This is one of the jobs of this committee. We will look at the essay questions next time.