GE Minutes 4-17-2012

Snow College General Education Committee
April 17, 2012
In attendance: LaFaun Barnhurst, Clinton King, Terri Carr,
Joseph Papenfuss, Patty Meredith (late arrival), Jeff Carney


LaFaun moved, with Clinton seconding, that the minutes of 4.10 be approved. LaFaun, Clinton, Terri, Joseph, and Jeff voted to approve the motion. The motion carried. Next Year's Assessment Plan: The committee reaffirmed the plans that had already been discussed for assessing GE in the next academic year.
Next Year's Agenda: At Dr. Smith's suggestion, the committee agreed to put together
an agenda for the first several weeks of the next academic year.
The following items were discussed:
1. Verify that all Spring 2012 assessments were completed and reported.
2. Review the assessment results and the plans for improvement that arose as a consequence. Suggest additional improvements as needed.
3. Review the assessment process itself.
4. Construct an assessment schedule that would, over a 3-4 year cycle, assess all our GE outcomes.
5. Identify the 2012-2013 KPIS and targets.