GE Minutes 9-02-2011

Snow College Ad Hoc General Education Assessment Committee
September 2, 2011
In attendance: Tracie Bradley, Patty Meredith, Mel Jacobsen,
Melanie Jenkins, Clinton King, Joseph Papenfuss, Jeff Carney
(chair), Gary Smith (ex officio), Rick White (ex officio)


Patty Meredith will permanently replace Kim Christison as the
Fine Arts Division representative.


Approval of minutes from 3 meetings in the spring was tabled.


Rick White indicated that he is preparing an analysis of CAAP
and CCSEQ data compiled by Beckie Hermansen during the summer.
These data address student achievement in the Reading, Math, and
Scientific Reason GE Outcomes. Rick expects to present the
analysis during a joint session of the GE Assessment Committee
and the Curriculum Committee on September 19.


Rick indicated that, in conversing with Curriculum Committee
chair Kim Cragun, there seemed to be some confusion as to which
committee, or if both committees, should attend his September 19
presentation. Jeff believes that the GE Assessment Committee was
chartered to have primary responsibility for responding to such
data, and that he would clarify the matter with the Curriculum
Committee during its next scheduled meeting.


The possibility of using some sort of capstone course as a
future point of outcomes assessment was discussed. A system of
portfolio assessment was also discussed. Jeff pointed out that
the AACU LEAP program has identified "capstone courses and
projects" as high-impact education practices from a pedagogical
perspective, lending weight to their use. Utah is a LEAP state.
Discussions of this topic are expected to continue.


Clinton moved and Melanie seconded that Written Communication
and Oral Communication be targeted for assessment in the coming
year. The motion was approved unanimously, subject to approval
by the Curriculum Committee. Mel Jacobsen will ask the Math
Department if a set of in-house pre- and post-tests could be
developed in time for Spring Semester.