GE Minutes 9-23-2011

Snow College Ad Hoc General Education Assessment Committee
September 23, 2011
In attendance: Tracie Bradley, Patty Meredith, Mel Jacobsen,
LaFaun Barnhurst, Clinton King, Joseph Papenfuss, Melanie
Jenkins, Jeff Carney (chair), Rick White (ex officio)


Clinton moved, with Melanie seconding, that minutes from
9.16.2011 be approved. The motion was carried unanimously


Mel Jacobsen reported that a Math 1010 SLO that carries through
Math 1030, 1040, and 1050 does not really exist, making
previously discussed plans for assessment impossible. Mel was
asked to return to the Math Department to see if SLOs and KPIs
for those three courses only can be identified.


The Math and Science division is concerned that the CAAP data
are not applicable to Snow College.
A review of the CAAP data suggests that Snow College students
are on par with national norms in terms of achievement.
The ACT-CAAP linkage report indicates that, as a trend, students
CAAP performances are as good as, or better than, their ACT
performances in Reading and Scientific reasoning. The trend in
Math is the opposite, with performances declining.
It was suggested that math performance may go down because many
students have not studied any math at all since high school.
This led to the general realization that we have no idea what
courses students have taken at Snow prior to taking the CAAP,
and that such data would be essential to interpreting the CAAP
results. Jeff agreed to ask Beckie Hermansen to generate this


No further actions were taken.