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Course Information

ENGRĀ 2140

Division: Natural Science and Math

Department: Computer Science & Engineering

Course: ENGR 2140

Title: Strength of Materials

Description: The Strength of Materials course explores the deformation and possible failure of an object subjected to forces and moments.; Stress and strain due to axial, torsional, bending, and shearing loads are studied.; Additional topics include: stress-strain diagrams, material properties, thermal expansion, stress concentrations, elastoplastic behavior, residual stresses, statically indeterminate structures, power shaft design, transformed sections, shear force and bending moment diagrams, beam design, eccentric loading, non-symmetric bending, Mohr's Circle to find principal stresses, failure criteria, pressure vessels, beam deflection by integrating singularity functions, superposition, and column buckling. ENGR 2140 is part of a series of classes that engineering students study to learn the mechanics of materials.

Courses Taught Fall 2021

2140-001MTWF9:30 am-10:20 amRowley, Kyle

Courses Taught Spring 2022

2140-001MTWF9:30 am-10:20 amRowley, Kyle
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