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Math Contest FAQ

View a map of Snow College with markers for key Math Contest locations.

The contest is traditionally the first Tuesday in April. Refer to the Math Contest Homepage for the date of the next math contest.

There is a senior division for students in grades 10-12 (2 hours, 40 questions) and a junior division for students in grades 7-9 (1 hour, 20 questions). If a 9th grade student desires to compete in the senior division, he or she should register as a 10th-grader.

We think we have struck a better balance on question difficulty than other math contests. Feedback from previous attendees confirms this. 

There are a few questions that will stretch the best students, but there are other questions that many students will be able to answer. So the questions range in difficulty, but every student should be able to answer some. We also strive to use questions that are interesting and educational as well. See past years' tests on this web site.

First, register your school by clicking "Register". In the registration form, select your school from the dropdown menu. If your school is not listed, choose "Other". If you are being home-schooled, choose "Home-schooled" from the school dropdown menu. Then enter the remaining information for your school as indicated. Next press the "Register" button at the bottom of the form.

After registration you will be automatically signed in to your school's registration page.  To make changes in a later session, simply go to the "Login" page and enter the email address and password entered when registering your school.

On the schools registration page, you will then be able to add, view, and edit your list of participating teachers and students. Although advanced registration via the website is preferred, minor changes to the roster can be accommodated on test day (come a little before 9:00 to do so).

By registering, students and teachers agree that we can use their names and photos in future contest promotional materials.

We would initially like to limit registrations to 18 students per division for each competing school. Contact us if your school is interested in bringing additional students, and we will notify you if seats are still available after the regular registration is closed two weeks prior to the competition.

The first and most important reason is that we have the awards ceremony the same day as the contest. (It's always a push to get all the exams scored and team scores tallied in an hour and a half, but we usually manage it). Having the student's information makes it easier for us to fill out the scholarship clearance memo that we award the winning students. The second reason is that we plan to send a follow up letter to these students inviting them to consider Snow College after they graduate from high school.

We respect privacy issues of these students, especially since they are minors, and we WILL NOT share this information with any source outside the College.

The fee is $8 per student. Either send a single check made out to "Snow College Math Contest" to

Snow College Cashiers Office
Attn: Math Contest Registration
150 College Ave.
Ephraim, UT 84627

or bring the check on test day.

Include "pay to account A05290" on the memo field of the check.

We encourage the school to pay the fee rather than pass the cost on to the students.

Just their brains. Bubble sheets, scratch paper, and pencils will be provided.

Just the biological ones inside the students' craniums. No electronic calculators are allowed.

Guessing is discouraged, but there is no penalty for leaving a question blank. The score for the senior division test is 40 + 4R - W (where R is the number right and W is the number wrong), and the score for the junior division test is 20 + 4R - W.  So scores can range from 0 to 200 for the senior division and from 0 to 100 for the junior division.

Arrive 30-45 minutes before the test is scheduled to begin, check in at the registration table, and get the contestants seated and reading the instructions as soon as permitted. The test begins promptly at the scheduled start time.

SENIOR division check-in, registration, and testing will occur at the LDS Institute (50 N 100 E).

JUNIOR division check-in, registration, and testing will occur at the LDS Stake Center (80 N 100 E).

While the testing is in progress, the teachers will gather at Founders Hall (4th floor of Noyes Bldg).

See Map

The rules are on the instruction page attached to the front of the test.

To view the instruction page for the senior division click here.

To view the instruction page for the junior division click here.

The teachers are invited to join the Snow College faculty in Founders Hall (4th floor of Noyes Bldg) to talk shop with each other, to have a small brunch, and to peruse the test. There will also be a short meeting for concurrent enrollment instructors during the latter part of this time.

A special group activity is planned for the second hour for the students who completed the junior test.

Lunch will be provided free of charge for teachers and students who attend one of our science department presentations (Biology, Chemistry, Engineering/Computer Science, Geology, Physics, or Natural Resources). The tours will start at 11:40.

Please mark the desired tour for each student when registering.

If they prefer, students are also able to buy lunch at the Snow College cafeteria or at various eateries in Ephraim.

The test is scored during the lunch hour. All winners are announced and all prizes are awarded on the day of the test at the awards ceremony at the LDS Institute (50 N 100 E). Contest winners will also be posted on the math contest website as soon as possible after the contest concludes.

Senior division (grades 10-12)

The overall top scorer receives a grand prize.

Prizes are also awarded to team and individual winners in categories determined by school size (student body enrollment).

In each category the first, second, and third place individual winners receive a one-year full tuition scholarship to Snow College and a Math Jock T-shirt.

A team consists of the top five scorers from each school. The team score is the sum of those top five scores. In each category the five members of the winning team and their math instructor each receive a Math Jock T-shirt.

Junior division (grades 7-9)

The top individual in each grade receives a copy of Graphing Calculator (easy-to-use math visualization software which retails for $100) and a Math Jock T-shirt.

Other prizes

Various other door prizes are awarded to participants.

PRIZE UPDATE:  To receive the prizes (with the exception of the scholarships), the student or a representative from the school must be present at the awards ceremony.

Everything is generally over by about 1:45pm.

It was started in 1977 by Bart Nelson and Ted Olson, and the Math Department has been sponsoring it ever since.

In 2006 the other departments in the Natural Science Division joined in the effort; they now help with the lunch and lead the departmental tours.

The junior division of the test began in 2007.