Social Work & Criminal Justice Department

Programs in the Department of Home and Family Studies are designed to aid students in meeting their roles in society, both in and out of the work force. Emphasis is placed on human inter-relationships as well as basic family science and theory and practical skills. All courses are open to both men and women.

Social Work

Students who complete an emphasis in social work will be expected to demonstrate they

  • know the history of social work;
  • know the roles of social workers in society;
  • know the basic concepts of social welfare;
  • can discuss social work as a profession;
  • can identify the skills and knowledge of social work practice;
  • appreciate social welfare from the political perspective;
  • appreciate social and biological systems impact on children and childhood;
  • appreciate the influence of diversity and social status on human behavior;
  • appreciate social work as a helping profession;

Social Work Courses

Social Work Major Guide

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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Courses

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