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Alumni Cords

A Tradition of Philanthropy

Alumni Cord

In 2018, the Snow College Alumni Association, with the support of the college administration, introduced a giving opportunity for graduating students.  For a donation of $20.18 (in recognition of their graduation year) to the Alumni Scholarship Fund, we honored their gift with an orange Alumni Cord that was worn as part of their graduation attire.  Since other sanctioned regalia took the form of ribbons or medals, it made these cords unique and easily spotted. This traditions of philanthropy continues annually.

In its' first year, 101 cords were sold, which represented about 10% of the graduating class. Because only about half of the graduates walked at 2018 commencement, every 4th or 5th student had a cord draped around their neck.  These cords looked amazing against the backdrop of the graduates blue or black gowns. What is more significant is the spirit of giving they represented and the tradition of philanthropy this started.  The proceeds from these cords were added to the Alumni Scholarship Fund, which is currently funding 1 full tuition scholarship annually. Each class that raises $2,500+ is recognized on a donation plaque in the Huntsman Library.

So many positive comments have been heard from students who expressed excitement for the opportunity that this alumni cord has provided for them to ‘pay it forward’ and to be able to show gratitude for the assistance they received to attend Snow and the experience they had while they attended. This year, we look forward to continuing this tradition with a donation of $20.23 in honor of the Class of 2023. We invite each student, parent, faculty member, and friend to purchase an Alumni Cord and join the movement of paying it forward for future Badgers. 

We sincerely recognize and thank each individual who gives back to Snow College.