Great Basin Station
Great Basin Station

Great Basin Station

We've put some information on this site to help you know more about us. We hope you'll enjoy these pages, and that you'll find something here that interests you.

As you spend some time here, you'll see that the Center has an interesting history, and that the place is considered by many to be the cradle of world-wide rangeland and watershed research. 

The Great Basin Station is located at 8,900 feet in the center of Utah, on the eastern edge of the Great Basin. Our facilities are nestled in a spruce/aspen forest. The setting is outstanding - a place where we can study, discuss current issues, and learn to understand and enjoy our environment.

We are committed to support research on the Wasatch Plateau. We have accommodated scientists from universities in the United States and other countries who have made the Great Basin Station their home while doing research.

We operate as a unique partnership between Snow College, the Manti/LaSal National Forest, and the City of Ephraim.

Our Mission and Goals:

Preserve the history of the Wasatch Plateau;

Provide educational experiences to help us all understand, enjoy, and appreciate our environment;

Support the continuing research on the Wasatch Plateau.

We're continuing a time-honored mission of improving man's environment through research and dissemination of information.