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"THIS WAS AMAZING! THANK YOU! Great speakers/presenters! Great prizes! Great organization! I appreciate the conference. I want to bring my English high school students here next year!"


"I wanted to be sure and say thanks for all the hard work that you and your committee did to make the conference possible.  I wish I could have attended many more classes but I had to really focus on a few. I learned so much from the classes and it has really helped me to set some goals for completing my current projects so I can get them out there. Prior to coming to the conference I had not seriously considered self-publishing, but after going to the classes and meeting with the various authors I can see it as a very real possibility now. Thanks again for a wonderful conference!"


"Just a note to tell you how wonderful I thought the WHIE conference was. You were the consummate hostess, the sessions were informative, the presenters amazing, and I felt welcomed. The presenters and attendees were so friendly, and the tone of the whole conference conveyed the vision that everyone was serious about their craft, and willing to share with others so we can all be successful. It was a great conference. The name tags were an added plus the second day, because it’s difficult to remember so many new friend’s names. Thank you, I look forward to next year’s conference."


"My boys came home on fire! One of them got out some index cards and started writing and hasn’t stopped, where before the conference he was just so-so about it. My other son got to work and showed me the cover design for the book series he’s planning to write. It was amazing. Thank you so much."


"The best thing about this conference was Dene Low."


"I wish I could have stayed for all of it."


"The swords/weapons panel was great, among other fun panels."


"I liked how personal the classes were and how great and how much information the presenters gave."


"Writing First Book by Chas Hathaway – offered excellent helps and support."


"I enjoyed and learned from all the classes I took. I thought each of the lecturers presented great material in a thought-provoking manner. I look forward to next year’s classes!"


"I like all the presenters. This day has been very enjoyable. Thanks."


"The variety of classes available was wonderful."


"Classes were very on-point and well taught by experienced, knowledgeable teachers."


"I liked Michelle Jefferies’ presentations, I liked the atmosphere."


"I like how willing the authors were to answer your questions."


"Presenters were all well prepared and knowledgeable."


"I liked all of it!"


"Medieval Weapons with David Belt were amazing!"


"Writer’s Camp from Friday was great. Do that again."


"It was good and informative."


"I liked having classes from published authors from Utah."


"Kate Palmer had enthusiasm, energy, and great breadth of information."


"There was great input and I enjoyed the authors’ insight."


"The morning sessions were especially good. Making powerpoint available afterwards is great."


"Hard to choose. The workshops were informative, but I loved the boot camp."


"The classes and courses were all of the best and highest quality."


"All of the presentations I attended were very good."


"There was a good variety of classes and a wide range of topics from general basics to really specific niche topics. The First Page Shred was fantastic!"


"Sarah Beard on Romantic Tension and Brent Boswell on critique groups were my favorites."


"I liked meeting and talking with all the presenters."


"The classes were wonderful. I am going to be reading about story structure, etc. I have about 9 books to read."


"I really enjoyed the workshops. My favorite or most helpful was the Picture Books. I especially liked that the instructor had notes he handed out so you could just listen. The Novels Approach to Research was very helpful also. Having it during Spring Break was nice."


"Loved the weapons and defense classes! Great presenters – especially on self-publishing."


"I enjoyed all the sessions – can’t pick a favorite."


"Medieval Weapons."


"The classes I enjoyed most were: Self-publishing – Brent Boswell, Indie Cover – Mikey Brooks, Writing Action – Michelle Jefferies, Medieval Weaponry – David Belt."


"Structure Class by Dene Low."


"The presentations were well done."


"I liked the number of presenters – the classes were great!"


"I like the education and contacts."


"I liked Anime, Weaponry, Publishing and Genre, Art and Graphics."


"I liked Mental Health in Writing."


"It was all good. I like that you opened the Writers Camp to students."


"Good feedback. I liked connecting with other authors. Mikey was great!"


"The authors did a great job!"


"The feedback on my story was very helpful."


"I like that the author at Writers Camp looked at our writing and gave ideas."


"I liked how much advice the authors gave me at Writers Camp so that I didn’t feel criticized but it was helpful instead."


"Getting the close, honest feedback was fantastic."




"Sharing your own book was a great Writers Camp experience, as well as the personalized help."


"I enjoyed talking about publishing process."


"Talking with an author! Great conversation."


"I liked learning everything from C. David Belt."


"I received helpful, constructive feedback from the Writers Camp group on specific content."


"Karen Hoover was fabulous! She gave honest feedback. Awesome people."


"Being able to talk to a couple of published writers and getting their feedback on my writing was excellent."


"Being able to talk with published authors was amazing and extremely insightful."


"The great discussion at Gregg Luke’s table was incredibly helpful, as was the very constructive criticism."


"And finally, congratulations to Ms. Player, who won the "Write Here in Ephraim 2014's" grand prize of a Kindle Nook!"