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Confidential Reporting

Confidential employees are employees who have the privilege of maintaining confidentiality and include licensed professionals, health service providers who provide mental-health counseling to members of the school community (and include those who act in that role under the supervision of a licensed counselor). Such counselors are not required to report any information about an incident to the Title IX coordinator without the impacted person’s permission.

For confidential reporting, please contact one of the following individuals in the Snow College Counseling and Wellness Center located in Portable #2 by the Business Building:

Allen Riggs, Director of Counseling and Wellness

ude.wons@sggir.nella | (435) 283-7125

Yasmin Heywood, Mental Health Counselor/Therapist

ude.wons@doowyeh.nimsay | (435) 283-7124

The Snow College Counseling and Wellness Center can also be reached via telephone at (435) 283-7136.


Other (non-professional) options for confidential reporting include Snow’s Student Support Line, where individuals may talk to a mentor anonymously. Through the Student Support Line, trained students are available to support you through phone calls, text and instant messaging. Student mentors can provide support, resources and help you set up an appointment to see a counselor if needed.

To send an anonymous text message, text (435) 776-5583

For anonymous phone support, call (435) 283-7283

Or visit the Counseling and Wellness Center Website to chat with a mentor


An impacted person who speaks to a professional or non-professional counselor must understand that, if he/she wants to maintain confidentiality, the College may be unable to conduct an investigation into the particular incident or pursue disciplinary action against the alleged perpetrator. However, these counselors will assist the impacted person in receiving other necessary protection and support.

A person who at first requests confidentiality may later decide to rescind that decision and contact the College to report the incident and/or to local law enforcement, and thus have the incident investigated.