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Counseling & Wellness Center

Important letter about COVID-19 for Parents and Family of Snow College Students! Read Now →

Hours: 8:30am to 5pm - 435.283.7136

To change your classes, please call 435.283.7313

Regular Snow College students can seek therapy services free of charge. Students can attend up to ten sessions per semester, and students typically meet with their counselor every other week except in rare circumstances where other arrangements are necessary. The average number of sessions for Snow College students is six. You may require fewer or more sessions depending upon your circumstances. To schedule an appointment, please email email address for this person or call 435-283-7136.
The Counseling & Wellness Center understands the stressful times we are all living in right now. We are here to help you work through these challenges. Because of difficulties with social distancing and the severe limitations on therapy caused by wearing masks, the counseling services in the fall semester 2020 are offered through confidential zoom video. We have discovered that video sessions are much more useful than face to face sessions where masks are worn. (Emergent appointments may be held face to face in a large enough room to accommodate social distancing). We have developed options to support you at this time, including individual, couples, and group services. We will offer an internet group to support students with the challenges of COVID-19 and its related problems as well as other subject-specific support groups, which will be announced on our web site.

The Snow College Mental Health Counseling and Wellness Center offers numerous services to help students with the challenges of life that can occur while attending college. Among those challenges students often deal with: Anxiety, Depression, Stress and other Emotional, Mental and Situational issues. We offer individual, group and relationship counseling and these services are offered by state licensed mental health professionals. It is our goal to support each student in their quest to obtain a college education by providing individual short term interventions. If you are struggling and would like to speak to a professional, please call today to schedule a free appointment.

Snow College does not provide on-campus nursing or medical services. Please visit your personal medical treatment center or a local health clinic for treatment. If it is a medical emergency, please call 911.