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Snow College will be closed November 24 & 25 for Thanksgiving.

Strategic Plan Surveys

Snow College is a rural, entrepreneurial, front-line institution. We offer personalized education. We care about our students, and we seek to maintain the Spirit of Snow. As we look for opportunities to grow, we seek your feedback. Please take the next minute or two to answer some quick questions regarding your perception of Snow College, particular to the areas of quality, accessibility, and affordability.

Your participation is very much appreciated. For more information regarding this survey or to offer further comment on the strategic plan for Snow College, please contact Carson Howell at ude.wons@llewoh.nosrac or Stacee McIff at ude.wons@fficm.eecats.

We will be accepting feedback throughout this process, and always. In order to synthesize this survey information, we ask that you complete the surveys by March 13.