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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees, a governing body of Snow College, operates under the direction of the State Board of Higher Education. The board consists of ten governor-appointed members and acts in behalf of Snow College in performing such duties, responsibilities, and functions as authorized and delegated by the Utah Board of Higher Education (“State Board”).

In addition to the specific duties outlined by statue and policy (below), trustees are deeply committed to the college and actively promote college awareness. The Board of Trustees meets at least six times a year, and board members are expected to attend at least 85% of meetings. Trustees are willing to invest personal time and resources for the advancement of the college.

Responsibilities and Objectives of the Snow College Board of Trustees

  • Guide and support the institutional president 
  • Lead the institution in supporting & achieving system-wide goals
  • Oversee general parameters as established by the State Board
  • Facilitate communication between the institution and the community
  • Assist in planning, implementing, and executing fund raising and development projects
  • Perpetuate & strengthen alumni and community identification with the institution's traditions and goals.


List of Members

Rick Robinson
Rick Robinson, Chair
Karen Soper
Karen Soper, Vice Chair
Karl Rostron
Karl Rostron, Alumni Association President
Randy Cox
Randy Cox
Francis Gibson
Francis Gibson
Gayle Pollock
Gayle Pollock
Jeffrey Kahn
Jeffrey Kahn
Heather Groom
Heather Groom
Miguel Mayorga
Miguel Mayorga, Student Body President

Trustees are assigned to a subcommittee of the board. Current assignments are:

Finance and Facilities Committee

  • Randy Cox, Chair
  • Heather Groom
  • Leslie Keisel
  • Derek White

Academic and Student Affairs Committee

  • Jeff Kahn, Chair
  • Jon Cox
  • Kay Christensen
  • Miguel Mayorga
  • Karen Soper

Audit Committee

  • Rick Robinson, Chair
  • Jon Cox
  • Randy Cox
  • Leslie Keisel

The Executive Committee of the board includes the chair, vice chair, and chairs of the three standing committees.

Updated: September 12, 2023

Please contact Marci Larsen for additional information and/or questions.
ude.wons@nesral.icram | 435-283-7013