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Contract Employees

Payroll Schedule

Contract employees are paid on the last banking day of each month. When the last day of the month falls on a Saturday or Sunday, payday will be on the Friday prior. When payday falls on a holiday, payday will be the prior banking day. Employees with payroll direct deposit will have access to funds on the dates indicated below.

Contract Employees
Month Pay Period End Payday
January 1/31/2024 1/31/2024
February 2/29/2024 2/29/2024
March 3/31/2024 3/29/2024
April 4/30/2024 4/30/2024
May 5/31/2024 5/31/2024
June 6/30/2024 6/28/2024
July 7/31/2024 7/31/2024
August 8/31/2024 8/30/2024
September 9/30/2024 9/30/2024
October 10/31/2024 10/31/2024
November 11/30/2024 11/29/2024
December 12/31/2024 12/31/2024

Click here for a printable PDF calendar version of the Payroll Schedule for Contract Employees.

Exempt Employees

You are an exempt employee if you submit only a leave report.

Non-Exempt Employees

You are a non-exempt employee if you submit both a timesheet and a leave report.