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Sweet Treats - Desserts

Standard Dessert Selections

Included in Lunch and Dinner Buffets (1 per person) or by the slice 

Cheese Cake with Strawberry Topping  $2.50 per slice
White Sheet Cake with Vanilla Icing $1.50 per slice
Chocolate Sheet Cake with Chocolate Icing $1.50 per slice
Lemon Cake $2.00 per slice
Carrot Cake $1.50 per slice
German Chocolate Cake $2.00 per slice
Strawberry Short Cake (pound cake with strawberry topping and whipped cream) $1.50 per slice
Cherry Pie $2.00 per slice
Dutch Apple Pie $2.00 per slice
Blueberry Pie $2.00 slice
Boston Cream Pie $2.00 per slice
Chocolate Cream Pie $2.00 per slice


Cookies, Brownies and Bar Selection

Included in Luncheon Salads, Sandwich Buffets, and Themed Buffets or by the dozen.  

Chocolate Chip $6.50 dozen
Peanut Butter $6.50 dozen
Oatmeal Raisin $6.50 dozen
Peanut Butter $6.50 dozen
Rocky Road $7.50 dozen
White Chocolate Chunk Macadamia Nut $7.00 dozen
Chocolate Brownies $7.50 per dozen
Mint Brownies $7.50 per dozen
Rocky Road Brownies $ 8.00 per dozen
Raspberry Bars $8.00 per dozen
7 Layer Bars $8.00 per dozen
Lemon Bars $8.00 per dozen
Rice Krispy Treats $8.00 per dozen

Upgrade to standard dessert for Luncheon salads, sandwich buffets, and themed buffets $1.00 extra per person

Upscale Desserts

Cake Bar (over 50 people) $2.00 per slice
Pie Bar (over 50 people) $2.00 per slice
Cheesecake Bar (over 50 people) $2.00 per slice
Add ice cream to any dessert bar for $0.75 per slice


Standard dessert to upscale extra $1.00 per person
Brownies, cookies, and bars to upscale extra $2.00 per person

Ice Cream Novelties
$1.50 each
Please contact catering coordinator for available items.

Ice Cream Bars
$1.25 each
Please contact catering coordinator for available flavors.

Pickup Dessert Selections

Whole pies, cakes and sheet cakes.  Pick up only and no utensils, napkins or plates provided. Catering policies apply. Must be ordered in advance.  


  Round ½ Sheet Sheet

Lemon Cake
German Chocolate
Plain Cheese Cake
(16 Slices for round)
Cheese Cake






With Fruit Topping (Strawberry, Blueberry or Raspberry)


* Rounds - 10 slices unless otherwise noted
* ½ sheet cake – 35 slices
* Sheet Cake – 70 slices


Fruit Pies
Apple, Cherry, Blueberry, and Pumpkin

Cream Pie
Banana Cream, Chocolate Cream, Boston Cream and Lemon Meringue

Specialty Pies
Chocolate Mousse, Key Lime Meringue, Pecan and French Silk

½ pan $12.00   Full pan $24.00
Apple, Cherry and Peach