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Planning Your Event


Arranging and Reserving a Date
Even if your event is tentative, please contact the Catering Department so we can have you on our calendar. The only information we need to get started is the date of the event.

Time, location, and the approximate number of guest should be made available as soon as possible, but no later than seven days prior to the event.

Reserving a Room on Campus
The location of the event needs to be determined prior to our serving the event. When reserving the room please contact the following people in conjunction with the location of your event:
GSC –Donne Hewko (435) 283-7121
Noyes Building – Marci Larsen (435) 283-7010
Library- Jon Ostler (435) 283-7362
Eccles Fine Arts – Sherry Neilson (435) 283-7478
Activity Center – Denise Duncan (435) 283-7020

Room set ups, tables, chairs and other equipment arrangements need to be made by you with the number listed above for each location.  The catering coordinator will advise you on the number of tables needed based on your menu and guest counts.  Please allow additional time for set up prior to the start time of the event and additional time for cleanup following the event when booking the room.

Served Meal – Allow 2 hours set up and 2 hours clean up
Buffet with Dining Tables – Allow 1 ½ hours set up and 1 hour clean up
Buffet Only – Allow 1 hour set up and 1 hour clean up
Reception – Allow 1 ½ hours set up and 1 hour clean up
AM/PM Break/Beverages – Allow ½ hour set up and ½ hour clean up

Contacting the Catering Office
You should contact the catering office at least seven days prior to your event. We will either make arrangements with you by telephone, or by appointment. For more complex events, we will set up an appointment time with the catering coordinator.

Office Hours (Monday-Friday)
Telephone Number

8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
(435) 283-7270

email address for this person

Food and Beverage Orders
Food and beverage orders require a minimum of seven days’ notice prior to your event. The catering department will try to accommodate requests for service within reason, but unfortunately cannot guarantee service of all caterings made after the 7 day notice, and menu selection may be limited.

To determine your food and beverage needs, please review the enclosed menus. If you would like to design a special menu with our chef and catering coordinator we will be happy to customize one with you.  Once your selections are made, a catering contract will be signed to commit all parties to the event.

Confirmation of Food and Beverage Orders
Final guarantee must be confirmed by phone (435) 283-7270 or e-mail ( email address for this person) by 12:00 PM at least 3 days prior to the scheduled event. In order for a catering event to be confirmed you must return the catering agreement initialed and signed, and a 50% deposit of invoice amount via credit card or check. Snow College related events must provide either p-card information or department cost code at time of confirmation.

Menu Changes
Any requests for menu changes must be made 5 business days prior to the event.

Service Standards
In order to provide you and your guests with the highest levels of food quality and taste, the service times for all events will be limited to two hours. All food and beverage service for both on premise and off premise have minimum attendance requirements. If minimums are not meet for a catered event you will be charged an extra fee.

Levels of Service 

Drop Off and Pick Up Service – Food and beverage items are in disposable containers and no catering items are provided (chafing dishes, utensils, plates, cups, linen, cutlery and napkins).  Drop off charges may apply.

Buffets – We offer three levels for buffets: 

White (Standard) - All food and beverage items are served on foam plates and plastic or foam cups.  Plastic forks, spoons, knives and paper napkins are provided.  Linen will be provided for the buffet table and guest tables except off campus caterings and student service events.  Student service events will be provided tablecloths for the buffet table only. All buffets are standard unless otherwise noted.  All buffets may be increased to a higher level for the additional cost noted by each level.

Blue (Fancy) – All food and beverage items are served on upscale faux china with faux silverware wrapped in a nice napkin and nice plastic cups. Linen provided for buffet table and guest tables.  Additional charge of $2.00 per person

Orange (Upscale) – All food and beverage items are served on china with silverware and glassware.  Linens and cloth napkins provided for all tables. An additional charge of $2.50 per person will apply.

Full-Service – All meals are plated and served to each individual guest.  This service includes all china service with silverware, glassware, linens provided for all tables and cloth napkins for all guests.  An additional charge of $3.00 per person will apply.

Table Linens are provided on the buffet table and guest tables only.  Linen napkins are provided for Orange (upscale) or Full-Service events.  Linens for reception tables, registration tables, breaks, boxed lunches, speaker tables, name badge tables, and material tables are available and the following fees apply:

Table Cloth (72”x72” or 90”x90”)                                              $3.50 each

Banquet Tablecloth (52”x114”)                                                 $4.00 each

Linen Napkins                                                                          $1.00 each

Please consult with the catering coordinator for the colors we offer.

Floral and center pieces
We have versatile center pieces available.  We will be happy to order, receive and handle specific floral and decorative requests for an additional fee determined in accordance with your specific needs.

Service Staff
All buffets are priced for self-service unless otherwise noted.  Buffet style functions are staffed with one attendant per 20 guests and the attendant is included in the per person price. For plated meal and served meals the wait staff is included in the plated service level fee. If additional labor is needed the following costs will apply:

Servers or Buffet Attendants                     $15.00 per hour (minimum 4 hours)
Station Chefs                                            $25.00 per hour (minimum 4 hours)