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Welcome to the first day of Fall Semester. It’s going to be a great year!

On Friday the State Board of Higher Education issued a letter regarding vaccinations at higher education institutions. We know this has created some question about Snow College’s position on the topic. This message addresses the college’s response.  As with all COVID communications, please remember this situation is fluid and subject to change. This decision may be reversed if necessary.

We are excited to have students come back to campus and start classes today.  We want to reassure our entire college community that we care about your safety.  For this reason, our message remains that we strongly encourage vaccination and wearing masks to mitigate the risk and transmission of COVID-19.  Our message remains that those feeling sick, should stay home.  Our message remains that we are 100 percent committed to a full, face-to-face college experience for those who choose it.  We want this year to be successful and safe.

We will continue to monitor COVID-19 cases and the science around the virus. The science is telling us the single best way to stay face-to-face and reduce COVID cases is to get vaccinated. We expect you to take all precautions to keep yourself, your classmates, and your colleagues safe. The provided protocols will guide students who contract the virus. During the first wave of COVID, our Badgers were the best; we had face-to-face classes for the entire year. You made it happen last year, and you can do it again this year by getting vaccinated.

Posted: 30 August 2021

Our goal is to keep our college community healthy while attending classes in person. While there are limitations on what higher education institutions can require, we are meeting regularly with the statewide taskforce to determine best practices. Snow College has decided to closely follow the “layered prevention strategies” outlined for state K-12 schools.

Students and employees should note the following strategies strongly recommended by the Utah Department of Health. Each bullet point is linked to additional information:

Think You've Got COVID?
  • Encourage everyone 12 years and older to get vaccinated for COVID-19

    • Employees and students should have received multiple messages recommending you get vaccinated before coming to campus. Please talk to your health care provider and take this important step.
    • Snow College has scheduled vaccination clinics on September 9 and October 7 from 1:00 – 4:00 PM in the Blue Gym on the Ephraim Campus. The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines will be available, and students/employees need to pre-register for an appointment. Use the code 1snowcollege (September) and 2snowcollege (October) to schedule your appointment.
    • Richfield faculty, staff, and students and others in Ephraim who cannot attend the on-campus clinics should make an appointment with another provider. See distribution locations.
  • Wear a mask when indoors

    • Because of the Delta variant, the CDC recommends that everyone, including vaccinated individuals, wear a mask indoors in public if they are in an area of substantial or high transmission.
    • Although these are CDC recommendations, it is ultimately a personal choice.
    • Please respect others’ choice.
  • Isolate at home if you test positive for COVID-19

  • Quarantine or follow other protective measures after an exposure

    The referenced K-12 page lists “other quarantine options for schools.” Snow College expects those who have been exposed to COVID-19 to, at a minimum, wear a mask on campus for 10 days.
  • Test for COVID-19

    • Health care providers can test for COVID-19 when you contact them for an appointment.
    • Free, on-campus testing will be available in Ephraim on Monday through Thursdays from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM in the Snow Fun Office, located on the west side of the Terry Foote Football Stadium, and in Richfield on Tuesdays from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM in the SVC.
  • Stay home when you’re sick

  • Physically distance

  • Continue healthy hygiene and cleaning practices

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We know there are a lot of questions about how this semester will look, and we will continue to keep you updated as we learn more. We plan to have a successful, student-focused year and hope you will join us.

Go Badgers!

Posted: 24 August 2021